Police Rescued Man Lying Unconsciously Under A Train Track

A man was saved from being crushed by a train after a police officer and a bystander jumped onto the train tracks to pull him out as a train pulled up to the station.

The sick man is said to have lost consciousness and collapsed onto subway tracks in the Bronx, New York City.

Footage shows a man lying face down and motionless in the middle of train tracks at the subway station, as bystanders rush to the platform edge.

People can be heard shouting for help and to "slow the train down".

As the train kept approaching an NYPD officer jumped down onto the tracks to help get the man out. But he experienced some difficulties initially.

A brave bystander then joined him and they succeeded in pulling the man on the platform,

The crowd cheered as the officer and passenger quickly hoisted themselves up to safety, just moments before the train pulled up at the station.

Sharing the footage on Twitter, New York Police Department (NYPD) said the force helps citizens "at any cost" and paid tribute to the bystander who stepped in to save the man.


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