My Husband Loves To Much Sex

THEIR sex life was not like it used to be but mai mufundisi did not have a problem with it as she believed they were old.

Little did she know her husband of 17 years did something about it behind her back.

The muthi he took increased his s_ex drive, but mai mufundisi was tired of it. The 47-year-old from Ga-Makausu, Germiston told Daily Sun he even became aggressive as if he’s possessed.

However, she said she and her husband (57) have never been people who believe in traditional healers, at least that’s what she believed.

She said her husband started slacking in the poking game two years ago. “I was okay with it because I believed we’re too old to be poking all the time. But hubby was not okay with it and told me he was thinking of visiting his sangoma brother. I refused because we’re Christians and don’t use muthi.”

Mamfundisi said her husband seemed like he was okay with it.

“In April last year, I noticed that my husband was demanding s_ex all the time. The poking was good at first, but I got annoyed when he started making it an everyday thing.”

She said she asked him where all this energy was coming from, but he ignored her.

Mamfundisi was shocked when she found muthi in one of her husband’s old socks.

She said when she confronted him about it, he said this was the reason their bedroom had been spicy and she should stop complaining.

“I don’t know how SunReaders can help me, but I need this thing reversed. My punani is tired,” she said. “I threw those little plastics away, but my husband is still a hungry poking pastor from hell. We need help,” she said.

However, the pastor said his wife should be grateful for the man he’s become. “A lot of ladies would be happy, but she doesn’t understand that I did this for us,” he said.

He said he grew up in a family of izangoma and even though he’s a pastor, he believes in the power of traditional healers.


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