Man Killed Python In Abuja

It is not always that the snake or other reptiles like the Python bite or swallow humans. Between humans and all these deadly reptiles it is a case of survival of the fittest.

This morning, as we drove somewhere around around Katampe extension, FCT Abuja myself sighted a young man dragging a very long reptile to the security house of the community.

What now surprised us at our inquiry is that the young python had been living in the community and had been sighted severally by the security personnel. We discovered that the python was probably a reverend one as our inquiry revealed further that it had not been disturbing the human residents of the community and it had not been feeding on their fowls, goats and other domestic animals in the community.

Since this had been a peaceful resident, why the hunt for it? This might be your question. The answer: it is appointed onto one to die. (The cause of death not stated). So it was its time to die last night.


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