Dr Godwin Maduka Rescued A Girl In Hospital

Renown philanthropist, Dr. Maduka rescues girl with SARS stray bullet and amputation in hospital

Nigeria's top philanthropist and a leading contender in the upcoming Anambra State Governorship election, Dr. Godwin Maduka has again, showcased his milk of human kindness and uncommon philanthropic action, by saving the life of a girl hit by a stray bullet and whose leg was to be amputated.

Maduka moved by the plight of tbe young girl paid the hospital bill of N4 million naira.

Maduka's latest philantropic act shows his commitment to improve on the health sector in Anambra State when elected governor.

Maduka who is known for such magnanimous gestures donated the sum for the rescue of a patient who was hit by stray bullet, but held hostage at the hospital for about 2 years for inability to pay the bills.

He released the cash donation to offset her medical bills and other hospitalised patients who couldn't afford their bills of about N5million in the Hospital.

According to reports, the lucky patient and her mother, Chikanso Obeleno and Obeleno Obianuju respectively are both from Obe village Agulu and were held hostage at Chisom International Specialist Hospital located at No. 29 New Market Road Nkpor, Anambra State. Dr Maduka cleared the hospital bills alongside that of other patients at the Hospital.

Other beneficiaries of the benevolence and philanthropic gestures of Dr. Maduka at the hospital includes an accident victim, another patient who underwent a surgery and few others whose bills were stalled by lack of money and assistance.

"This magnanimous gesture by Dr. Maduka seemed divine by many and may have also consolidated the perspectives of Ndi Anambra on his ability to lead the state to greatness and betterment," says one of the witness at the hospital.

However, in the recent 10points Agenda released by Dr. Maduka under the Accord Party umbrella ahead of November 6th Governorship elections, he noted categorically that healthcare was a major concern of his administration, which he is currently embarking on. In a reaction from the innocent girl and her mother, they appreciated Dr. Maduka for putting a smile that cannot be forgotten on their faces.

The humane action taken by Godwin Maduka has earned him several amazing reactions from Ndi Anambra. Some of which includes in accolades on his greatness, his pursuit on the tears he wiped and how it will cry down favor for him. They also noted that if Maduka can do such as an individual, using his own resources, they are assured that he will douch better when given a collective leadership Baton. Godwin Maduka also received blessings as they prayed for God's reward on his generosity

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